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Welcome to Obamaville, where 1 in 5 children are on food stamps »

Posted Jan 29, 2015

In a victory for consumers, the FCC says blocking Wi-Fi in hotels is prohibited »

Posted Jan 28, 2015

Everywhere you go, Obama wants to know, he's tracking your license plate to and fro »

Posted Jan 27, 2015

Gas prices are too low, so Obama puts 12 million acres of ANWR in reserve, Saudis cheer »

Posted Jan 27, 2015

Homofascist tolerance in action: CA bars judges from belonging to the Boy Scouts »

Posted Jan 24, 2015

It's good to be king: Obama's proposed tax on 529 college savings plans exempts Obama »

Posted Jan 23, 2015

57,762,169 »

Posted Jan 22, 2015

As for tonight's SOTU, pay no attention to the lame duck behind the podium »

Posted Jan 21, 2015

Now that same-sex "marriage" is main-streamed, incest is the next taboo to fall »

Posted Jan 19, 2015

Wait, did the Pope just say it's OK to punch someone who insults your mother? »

Posted Jan 15, 2015

Obama White House warns the press to stop publishing stuff that offends Muslims »

Posted Jan 13, 2015

Thanks Obamacare, NJ health insurance premiums rising faster than ever »

Posted Jan 09, 2015

Will the last person to leave New Jersey please turn off the lights? »

Posted Jan 07, 2015

Hilllary's sycophants freak out over Chris Christie's Cowboys tickets »

Posted Jan 06, 2015

New Obama Administration nutrition guidelines: "Become a vegan for Gaia" »

Posted Jan 03, 2015

Obama pulls the rug out from under NJ doctors' Medicaid reimbursement rates »

Posted Dec 30, 2014

To almost no one's surprise, the Jets fired Rex Ryan and John Idzik this morning »

Posted Dec 29, 2014

Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night! »

Posted Dec 24, 2014

Irrational exuberance in action, that 5% GDP growth number is a total fraud »

Posted Dec 23, 2014

Vermont's granola grifters give up on Single Payer health insurance »

Posted Dec 18, 2014