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Minnesota taxpayers foot the bill for terror suspect to get a Class A trucking license »

Posted Aug 28, 2015

Oops, the EU's carbon trading scheme actually increased CO2 emissions, a lot »

Posted Aug 27, 2015

Salomon Melgen kept "a ledger of prostitution activities," and it features Bob Menendez »

Posted Aug 26, 2015

Yes, it's time to start taking Donald Trump seriously »

Posted Aug 21, 2015

I guess it's fitting that Her Majesty kept her email server in the throne room »

Posted Aug 18, 2015

Democrats talk up an Al Gore candidacy again, because they're the party of old white folks »

Posted Aug 14, 2015

As Democrats start to panic and Hillary's team lawyers up, Elizabeth Warren waits patiently »

Posted Aug 13, 2015

Bristol Palin is the voice of reason: Hey GOP, bash Hillary, not each other! »

Posted Aug 11, 2015

Obama The Petulant is actually the guy who's making "common cause" with our enemies »

Posted Aug 07, 2015

Oops, again: Private sector adds fewer jobs than expected in July »

Posted Aug 05, 2015

The monsters at Planned Parenthood will gleefully sell you a fully intact dead baby »

Posted Aug 04, 2015

More Obamanomics #fail: US wage growth falls to a 33 year low »

Posted Jul 31, 2015

Now they tell us: Obama's economy is the worst in over 80 years »

Posted Jul 30, 2015

Pravda on the Hudson: Isn't it great Obama is gutting the army and leaving us defenseless? »

Posted Jul 25, 2015

Holy cow, my school tax bill jumped 10.5%, what happened to that 2% tax cap? »

Posted Jul 24, 2015

Hope and Change in action: 1.7 million more kids live in poverty since Obama was elected »

Posted Jul 22, 2015

What if Obama uses his HUD racial database to impose a "Rooney Rule" on housing sales and rentals? »

Posted Jul 21, 2015

1 out of every 7 businesses wants to leave New Jersey »

Posted Jul 21, 2015

Big Brother Barack has a secret town by town, block by block racial database »

Posted Jul 20, 2015

Donald Trump is hitting a nerve, and leading the pack »

Posted Jul 17, 2015