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The Happiness Project By Gretchen Rubin

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Beautiful Color! Coral and Apple-Green and Lavender and Faint Orange, and Indian Blue. »

Posted Dec 17, 2017

Use the Four Tendencies to Tackle Your New Year’s Resolutions (Or Not). »

Posted Dec 16, 2017

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Posted Dec 15, 2017

“When Writing, I Procrastinate for Weeks, Then I Write a Huge Chunk in a Few Days.” »

Posted Dec 14, 2017

Need Holiday Gift-Giving Ideas? Here are the 7 Books I Most Often Give as Gifts. »

Posted Dec 12, 2017

Ever Get the Feeling that You Just Can’t Contain the Beauty of the World? »

Posted Dec 10, 2017

My London Color Adventure, Part II — Getting My “Color Season” Analyzed. »

Posted Dec 09, 2017

Looking for Holiday Gifts? Consider These Suggestions. (Warning: Blatant Self-Promotion!) »

Posted Dec 08, 2017

My London Color Adventure, Part I — the Lycurgus Cup in the British Museum. »

Posted Dec 07, 2017

From London: Some Thoughts About Happiness, and a Few Travel Hacks. »

Posted Dec 05, 2017

As You’ve Grown Older, Have You Become More Willing to Consider a Person “Good?” »

Posted Nov 26, 2017

Working Is One of the Most Dangerous Forms of Procrastination–18th Century Style. »

Posted Nov 25, 2017

What Do You Plan to Read Tomorrow?–Apparently It’s the Biggest Reading Day of the Year? »

Posted Nov 21, 2017

Which Do You Prefer? “Simple Beauty with No Explanation, or Knowing Exactly How and Why?” »

Posted Nov 18, 2017

The Surprising Truth About Why Your To-Do List May Be Failing You. »

Posted Nov 17, 2017

A Happiness Paradox for Thanksgiving: Happiness Doesn’t Always Make Us Feel Happy. »

Posted Nov 16, 2017

Fill in the Blank: “The Best Portion of a Good Man’s Life” Is His _______. »

Posted Nov 05, 2017

Agree? “Not Everybody Is Looking for an Easy, Fun Job.” »

Posted Nov 04, 2017

Revealed! 7 Brilliant Books About the Nature of Creativity. »

Posted Nov 02, 2017

Setting the Table for a Halloween Holiday Breakfast–For One. »

Posted Oct 31, 2017